Dhanaulti at a glance:

  • Dhanaulti is situated at just 26 kilometers from Mussoorie (Uttarakhand) which have the number of lush places to get mental relax.
  • Various famous temples and old memories, water parks, valleys, forests, mountains and games like water boating, dancing fountains are there.
  • The beautiful destination has big range of serene beauties lush valleys and number or snowcapped mountains for perfect relaxing vacation.
  • Eco Park and Aaloo khet and many others are very famous places in Dhanaulti for their specific specialty and events.
  • Sunset-embracing orange and red color in sky is most unique natural event which cannot be seen anywhere in the world.
  • Tehri-water-park and sport place is another natural beauty place in Dhanaulti is which have many options like banana-boat, Jet-Ski, motor-boat.

Why Dhanaulti termed as Icy heaven on earth:

  • A very famous town in Dhanaulti is tinsel town which is much popular as winter-destination because of its tranquil vistas.
  • This magical hill station named tinsel town is situated at an elevation of 2286 meters above the sea-level in Dhanaulti.
  • There are so many views of various mountains are very lovely, it also offers a panoramic views of lofty Himalayas.
  • Since many ice caped mountains are also there and it’s very close to Tehri water-park, Kanatal, Chamba and many more.
  • This icy town is enveloped by deodar, oak forests, and velvety, all are caped with snow in the winter’s season.
  • In winters there are much snow fall happens in Dhanaulti so people termed this an Icy heaven on the earth.

Aaloo khet in Dhanaulti:download

  • Aaloo khet is a large Potato-form of the government in which there is a huge production and supplies of potatoes.
  • It situated at 1-kms from main market of Dhanaulti and it is the best way for horse riding around this.
  • Its opening time is from 8am to 6pm and entry is free, you may expend 2 hours inside the form.

About the Eco-Park:eco-park in dhanaulti

  • Eco-Park is near to main market of Dhanaulti and there are forest rest houses also to visit near this park.
  • Its entry fee is INR 20/- per person and you may expend maximum of 3 hours inside when entered once.
  • Amber and Dhara are the two eco parks in Dhanaulti which are situated about 200 meters apart from one another.

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