Best nature loving place – Dhanaulti:

  • If you are a nature loving person and want to choose any natural beautiful place to expend some peaceful days.
  • There is no other option than Dhanaulti; people like to go there in every season although winter is better time.
  • One of the most famous towns in Dhanaulti is tinsel-town which is very much popular because of its tranquil vistas.
  • Tinsel-town is a best hill station situated at much height above from the sea level which is also an adventure.
  • Very much snow fall being happens most of the times here so people calls this as Icy heaven on earth.
  • There are number of mountains with much different lovely looks are also offers a panoramic view of the lofty Himalayas.
  • Since Dhanaulti is very close to Tehri, Kanatal, Chamba, which are a mind blowing places, you may enjoy these places.
  • This hilly and icy town is partially enveloped by oak forests, deodar and velvety, all are snow caped in winters.

One can get best hotels in Dhanaulti within cheapest price:

  • We provide most popular hotels in Dhanaulti with full of all the facilities that may be needed for any family.
  • Dhanaulti is the nature loving place, forest and mountains are its nature and we provide here best hotels for honeymoon.
  • You can get very economic hotel for more than one person with full of all luxurious facilities in the hotel.
  • The distance of main Dhanaulti from Mussoorie is about 55 kms so that tourist can plan easily with Mussoorie trip.
  • We have various hotels at different places in Dhanaulti since the location of hotel matters to get each look’s impact.
  • Huge Forests of deodar and gorgeous rhododendron are much attractive place in Dhanaulti that are situated just nearby our hotels.
  • The environmental impact within the hotel without noise and pollution could be getting inside our hotel in a proper manner.
  • This fantastic and natural holiday destination is much far away from noise, traffic and pollution like other places in India.
  • Safety and security in the hotels is most essential factor for the family which can be feeling in our hotels.
  • Children entertainment facilities are also most important for the family; all of our hotels have much facility for the children’s.

So Dhanaulti is very fantastic place to expend the holidays and we provide the best Hotel for the family in Dhanaulti.