About Dhanaulti:

  • As everyone knows that Dhanaulti is a very silent and paused place where nature gives a relaxing impact on mind.
  • It is about 26 kilometers only from Mussoorie city and you can reach there by road in very short time.
  • The way from Mussoorie to Dhanaulti is also very fantastic trip since you will travel with seeing the beautiful places.
  • There are number of valleys, huge forests, hills with icy weathers and many more things are the most impressive sceneries.
  • You will get much enjoy on the way of Mussoorie to Dhanaulti in comparison to Mussoorie from Delhi/ Other city.
  • Winter season is perfect time to make the trip of Dhanaulti, at that time you will see ice caped hills.
  • Snow falls are also there so if anyone wants to get mental relax in winter, Dhanaulti is only the option.
  • There much places to seeing also like Aaloo khet, Eco Park, Kaudia forest, Kanatal, Surkanda Devi Temple and many more.
  • It is a religious place, also called Devbhoomi because there so many temples like Badri nath, Kedar nath and Gangotri.
  • Dhanaulti is very good place for Honeymoon also since you can enjoy of beauty of nature, mountains, forests and valleys.
  • There are number of beautiful valleys around Dhanaulti forest house and number of beautiful sitting arrangements around all the valleys.

About our Hotels:

  • We are the best hotels provider and all of our hotels are full of facilities that may require for any honeymoon pair.
  • Since Dhanaulti is a very peaceful place, forest and mountains are their nature and we provide the best hotels for honeymoon.
  • Our hotels are very economic and full of all luxurious facilities so that you can expend a memorable time here.
  • Since the location of the hotel also an important part of the trip so it’s each look should give a beautiful impact.
  • All the famous forests like deodar and gorgeous rhododendron are very beautiful places which are situated just nearby the hotels.
  • Various big and managed forest and mountains are the reason for attraction in Dhanaulti and we provide the cheapest hotels here.
  • Many Indoor and Outdoor games are arranged inside our hotels which managed by hotels-administration so that guests can make fun.

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