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Some key features of Dhanaulti:

  • Dhanaulti is natural beauty place where there all the things present in their natural form without any pollution and noise.
  • The destination ‘Dhanaulti’ offers the various serene beauties lush valleys and full of snowcapped mountains for a perfect relaxing vacation.
  • Eco-Park is the unique assets of Dhanaulti which is adorable for sunset embracing orange and red color in whole sky.
  • Surkanda Devi Temple is the most ancient temple in Dhanaulti which is present at the top point of the hill.
  • The number of various valleys and large lakes all around the main Dhanaulti which make this place unique and incomparable.
  • Tehri water park and sport place is also very fabulous place with many options like Jet-Ski, banana boat, motor boat.
  • There are various famous forests, temples, valleys, water parks, mountains and many other gaming facilities like water boating, dancing fountains.
  • This silent place is much away from the crowdie, traffic and noisy places so can spend some peaceful days here.
  • Effect of Dhanaulti is body-skin and mind get fully rest and feels very confortable to get the environmental impact here.

A place in India where the rain of ice gets to fall in winter:

  • Dhanaulti is the Icy heaven of India where ice rainfall most of the times around the month of December-January.
  • The different angular views of various mountains are very lovely; it also offers a panoramic view of the lofty Himalayas.
  • Some of the icy mountains also there and it’s very close to Tehri, Kanatal, Chamba and many more other mountains.
  • This hilly and icy town “Dhanaulti” has all-around oak forests, deodar, and velvety, mostly are snow capped in winters.
  • The most emerging town in Dhanaulti is tinsel town; this is popular as a winter-destination because of its tranquil vistas.
  • This tinsel town is actually a magical-hill-station which is situated at an elevation of 2286 meters above the sea level.
  • Very much snow fall being happens in tinsel town at the winters so people termed as Icy heaven on earth.

Some specific places in Dhanaulti:

  • Aaloo khet which is just 1-kms from main market and horse riding is the best way around this beautiful form.
  • Eco-Park is another beautiful place, near to the main market of Dhanaulti and also there are some forest rest houses.

Therefore you may get well managed and completely arranged Hotel for family in Dhanaulti through Drive Inn Dhanaulti.

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  • August 13, 2019

Hotel is a residential place much far away from your own house and also from your busy and traffic area. There should be full of the things of entertainment and fun by which a person can enjoy with a free mind. Since Dhanaulti is a very silent place so people make this trip only to get full relax with their busy life. So that we provide the facilities and activities in our hotel by keeping in mind to make them fully refreshed. We also focus to set games and entertainment arrangement adjusted just as the environment has been created at that instant. There are so many events are being arranged by us time to time according to the visitors and their time-slot.

Facilities we provide:

  • We provide Mini Bar and Refrigerator every time in our hotel so that you can use this to get fun.
  • We provide safe deposit Lockers so that you keep safely all of your belongings to get enjoy with a free mind.
  • There are Wakeup Services, Newspapers, Satellite/ Cable television etc., all these things you can use any time in the Hotel.
  • There is Karahi Ketali Multi–Cuisine Restaurants, where you can order food any time and get enjoy of a different taste.
  • Open Terrace Restaurant is also a unique and specific quality of our hotel which meets directly with the external environments.
  • Handicap room is a very new concept which provided by us so that it could be facilitated to the needy ones.
  • Each and every needed service are being provided by us in our hotels 24 hours to feel easy and relaxed.
  • Car Hiring services are also provided by our hotel so that you can hire cars here at any time.
  • There is a strong Laundry service and every person is just away from the dialling a number of your telephone.
  • There is Wi-Fi internet access also available 24-by-7, you can get connected with it easily by paying small charges.
  • We provide the Hot and Cold running water every time in the rooms with no bar and without any hindrance.
  • Hairdryer, Coffee / Tea maker etc. all present here every time to which you can use by requesting with them.

Indoor Activities:

There are so many indoor activities are present in Hotel like – Mini Basketball, Snooker, Carron Board, Dart, Karaoke etc.

Outdoor Activities: Tracking, Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, Valley crossing, Skywalk.

So we are one the best service provider where you may get a very comfortable Budget Hotels in Dhanaulti.

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  • April 19, 2019

Dhanaulti is very peaceful location nearby the mountains around this and situated at a very short distance from the Mussoorie. The person who wants to expend some peaceful days of life with very calm environment, they love this place surely. This is very short holiday destination and you can find hotel here with very economic and all full with facility. Some of the destinations to expend holiday are for summers and some for winters but this is for all seasons. You can take a proper rest in dhanaulti with full peace of mind and also enjoy the mountains as well.

Hotel in dhanaulti:

  • Since dhanaulti is a very clam place so the hotels are not so good but we provide best hotels here.
  • You can get a very economic hotel with all luxurious facilities so that you can expend very memorable time here.
  • Since the distance from Mussoorie is about 55 kms so that the tourist can plan easily with a Mussoorie trip.
  • Since there are so many hotels but the location of hotel matters so that each look gives a silent impact.
  • The forests of deodar and gorgeous rhododendron are most attractive place of dhanaulti which is situated just nearby our hotels.
  • A peaceful location of hotel without noise should be getting from inside the hotel; we provide this in proper manner.
  • This place is far away from noisy and jammed roads of Mussoorie so that environment is very pure and healthy.

Security with forest and mountains:

  • Since there are only forest and mountains so that the natural beauty gives a very calmly impact on their mind.
  • There could be some dangerous to being only forest and mountains here but that’s not true as this is secure.
  • The idea of taking rest there is guided by the hotels as they provide the guidelines how to stay there.
  • The danger of forest animals may be some there but there are some particular places where it could be possible.
  • These places are very secure and all possibly dangerous places are restricted there so that you should be safe there.
  • Reception of our hotel contains a proper guide how to get the best environmental impact there and with cheapest medium.

Therefore we can provide you with the best hotel in Dhanaulti at very cheapest price and full with all the needed facilities.

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  • March 28, 2019